Order №1000 / 5 of 18.06.2015


From our point of view, it is better not to staple documents after scanning, but to store them in archive boxes. The advantages of such storage are preservation (without repeated damage from stapling), the ability to issue individual sheets and the ability to scan without losing information under the cover.

However, in the case when the stitching is regulated by regulations (Rules of stitching archives are defined by the Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine from 18.06.2015 № 1000/5 “On approval of the Rules of organization of record keeping and archival storage of documents in state institutions, local governments, enterprises and organizations), the following operations are performed:

  • Acquisition of archival files;
  • Creating covers of archival files;
  • Stitching with thread in a compressed state.

Information on the equipment we use to provide binding services can be found here.

Machine for stapling documents