Whether you are a small transfer shop or an archive with a warehouse of film to scan, the Universal Mark-II Multi-Format Movie scanner is sized to fit your budget and workflow. Designed specifically for the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood, which has been using our equipment exclusively since 2003, this unit has no sprockets, claws or pinch rollers to potentially damage your priceless movies and handles the film only by the edges with no image area contact. A lack of pressure plate means no hair in the gate! The Mark-II scanner is modular so you can expand its capabilities by adding different format film guides and accessories as your shop’s requirements change. The basic unit will handle reels up to 600 feet, which makes it ideal right out of the box for small shops doing mostly home movie transfers. Adding the Mark-II Reel Extension Kit will allow reels up to 2000 feet and is easily installed by the user in minutes. Film guides are available in Dual-8 (R8/S8), 9.5mm, 16mm, 17.5mm, 22mm, 28mm and 35mm. The resolution of the Mark-II camera sensor is 2048 x 1536, which is approximately 3K resolution for 4:3 material common to home movies and archival motion picture film formats. If scanning in a more modern 16:9 aspect ratio, then you have the choice of 2K resolution at 2048 x 1152 or the more economical HD resolution at 1920 x 1080. The easy to use RetroScan Mark-II software scans Codec Free, frame by frame, either compressed or uncompressed, at approximately 15fps, which means a 50 foot roll of 8mm or a 100 foot roll of 16mm will scan in about 4.5 minutes. Final playback rate of the film is determined by the Mark-II software after scanning is complete. Files can be batch exported in SD, HD, 2K or -3K, as compressed or uncompressed AVI or MOV files, or as high resolution image sequences in JPG, PNG, BMP or TIF.