FilmFabriek consists of a team of film enthusiasts, who created the Muller HDS : the one of the first sprocketless frame-by-frame filmscanner to digitize film. The only filmscanner with wetgate for all supported formats. This method makes old film look like ‘fresh film’ again!

All our scanners are modular, the scanners can be adjusted to all needs. For example, the camera can be changed for future models. This ensures a competitive business model which is future proof.

LED lighting is specifically designed for capturing analogue film. On-the-fly RGB gamma correction will ensure the maximum dynamic range in the captured film.

The adjustable color balanced lighting can be set for all types of film, including color negative film.

The simple to use restoration software will further increase the quality of the scanned footage. Dirt removal, sharpening, stabilization are done with simple clicks.

FilmFabriek is a Dutch based company with clients all over the world. All our filmscanners are designed, build and tested in The Netherlands. We focus on research & development, to offer innovative products and solutions to our clients. All parts are designed by our team, to ensure the best quality and availability.

Muller HDS

The Muller HDS offers sprocketless frame-by-frame scanning. The wetgate module supports all film formats. The only scanner which offers wetgate for formats from 8mm up to 16mm.

With the adjustable LED lighting, all films can be easily captured, from regular/super 8 to color negative/reversal 16mm. The modular scanner is future proof, cameras can be changed.

The Muller HDS is used by renowned film archives, professional film studios and scanning/digitization companies worldwide.

The Muller HDS is designed without sprockets and grabbers. All films can be caputered, from fresh film to the most fragile and shrunken film. PTR rollers are included to remove dust and dirt from the film.

Basic features

  • Wetgate for 8, 9.5 and 16 mm
  • Frame-by-frame scanning
  • Sprocketless transportation for shrunken and damaged film
  • PTR rollers for dirt and dust removal
  • 8mm film gate (r8 and s8), 16mm film gate (r16 and s16), 9.5 Pathé filmgate
  • Reversal and color negative film scanning
  • Transparant film
  • Auto Restoration Software (dust & dirt removal, sharpening, stabilization)
  • Scanner is configurable for hardware and firmware, e.g. new filmgates, lighting, camera, operation
  • Adjustable tension control for fragile film
  • Image output without compression for best quality
  • Reliable, practical and very low maintenance open modular system
  • 1 year warranty
  • Weight: 34,6 kg, height: 76,5 cm, width: 60 cm, depth: 35,5 cm